Greenwich Warriors Travel Lacrosse


Boys Tournaments

  • Halloween Havoc - October 17 for Boys 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 7th/ 8th

  • Pumpkin Shootout - October 24/25 for Boys 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 7/8

  • Fall Finale Classic - November 7/8 for Boys 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th

  • Fall Classic - November 21/22 for Boys 5th & 6th 

Girls Tournaments (All teams)

  • Pumpkin Shootout - October 24/25

  • Veterans Games - Nov 15

  • Fall Classic - Nov 21/22





Thursday November 12 @ Banksville Field in Greenwich

3:40 - 4:40 pm  Boys 7th/8th & Girls 7th/8th

Saturday November 14 @ Carmel Academy  in Greenwich

11:00 am Girls 2nd/3rd/4th/5th

12:00 pm Girls 6/7/8


Commonly Asked Questions?


1. Can a player play both Warriors and Town Travel?

80% of our players participate for their town travel program and play for the Warriors at the same time.Our program is one of the few club programs that operates in the spring season. We seek out the best competition for our players. The level of competition we face in the spring tournaments is at a much higher level than typical town travel. 


2. Can you explain the practice situation/schedule?

Each team practices 2 - 3 times per week. Weekends that we do not have a tournament anticipate a Saturday or Sunday practice as well as 2 practices during the week. Weekly practices will rotate days to accommodate the conflicts form multiple players on multiple teams. If you miss a practice you are not penalized as we realize most kids in 2019 are overscheduled with multiple sports etc... You can always make up a practice at one of our clinics offered 3 days a week. 


3. Why the Warriors Program?

  • Patrick Jackson the Director of the program is present @ all practices and every tournament.

  • Limited # of players in the program and we know every child who participates. Unike other programs with a large number of players your child will not get lost in the shuffle.

  • Our goal is for every individual player to improve. We focus on Individual skill development for all players at all levels. Lacrosse has become extremely competitive and a sharp skill set is extremely important to advance as a player.

  • Constant communication from our coaches about what we need to improve and following through in practice.

  • Our players improve year after year. We pride ourselves on player development. Players leave our program ready to compete at a higher level.


 This is the homepage for all Greenwich Warrior information. 

All Tournament info and schedules will be listed here. 


  • Teams will be coached by Patrick Jackson, founder of Greenwich Lacrosse Leagues & Clinics & Sean O'Sullivan former National Champion @ Loyola

  • All boys teams will have 35+ practices and will be entered into 5 tournaments 

  • All girls teams will have 35+ practices and will be entered into 5 tournaments 

  • Tournaments will be emailed after we are registered. 

  • Each team will practice 2 - 3 times a week.

  • Practices will be our main priority. Players advance through practice - not in the games! 

  • Team practices will focus on game strategy, setting plays and clearing the ball

  • Individual skills practices will focus on 1on1 moves, shot placement, shooting drills and defense

  • Practices will be held at Carmel Academy and Banksville Field in Greenwich, 

  • Absolutely NO parent coaching

  • Top talent from NY and CT

  • Players who played Spring 2020 will have a guaranteed spot for Fall 2020.

  • QUESTIONS 201.396.1382